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Driven By Passion


FlowGrill was incepted in 2004 within JAZO Zevenaar BV. Mr Arnold Woerts first entered into a partnership with a number of leading yacht building yards. It became clear that there was demand for ventilation louvers in aluminium, steel and stainless steel. A great need for specially formed, high-quality ventilation louvers was detected.

This activity proved so successful after a few years that this department was split off as an independent specialist company in 2010, trading under the name FlowGrill BV. FlowGrill is a team of well-trained employees fully concentrating on the wishes in the very demanding luxury yacht construction industry. The aim is to leverage the broad knowledge of modern technical expertise in collaboration with architects, yards and owner representatives. FlowGrill’s power is unburdening its customers by offering products in the form of a project. Design, implementation, hull construction, finishing and delivery are the ingredients of turn-key projects, taking into consideration the trends, superior quality and excellent service.

Turn-key Solutions for high-end quality


Combining functionality and design. The key benefit of using 3D designs is the spatial insight into the construction. The construction engineers frequently assist the architects in converting a design into a feasible specification. Then FlowGrill visualises this design, which can then be offered for approval.


Using 3D measuring equipment, templates or manual on-board measurements, the 3D work drawing is prepared. Then FlowGrill directly takes the designs into production using sophisticated CAD/CAM links. The direct link between the 3D CAD system and the production machines minimises any production errors.


Collaborating with select partners enables us to produce any part with appropriate care. The materials aluminium, stainless steel or composite are processed into high-quality products using state-of-the-art technology.

Chemical surfacing

Before applying the paint layer, the products are cleaned and pre-treated by submerging them in chemical baths. This pre-treatment of metals consists of applying conversion layers. These layers improve bonding of a paint layer, or serve directly as the top layer. Also, the conversion layer improves the treated product’s anti-corrosion properties.


FlowGrill is able to effortlessly finish even the most complicated products with yacht paint. All leading paint brands have been used in the past and guarantees up to two years are no exception. In order to prevent any colour differences on board, the top coatings are often delivered by the yard. As an alternative to conventional wet paints, FlowGrill also offers a powder coating option.


Complex projects are pre-assembled and packaged with the associated fixing materials. This enables quick and problem-free on-site mounting.


Fitting activities on board a luxury superyacht require knowledge and tradesmanship. Each project is unique and should be fitted and finished with the necessary precision. FlowGrill considers these aspects, guaranteeing high quality and finishing levels.




FlowGrill works with a sales agency in Italy. Would you like more information? Please contact us.

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