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Engineer your future


The engineering department is one of the key disciplines within our organisation. For example, the construction engineers frequently assist architects in converting a design into a feasible construction.
Both manually and using state-of-the-art technology, it is possible to have the shape or design of the ventilation louvers measured by FlowGrill based on a model, template, or 3D model. Shape and curves are directly converted into a 3D model. Subsequently, the construction engineers takes the geometric data for further processing.
The data are converted into work drawings that are offered for approval.

The key benefit of using 3D designs is the spatial insight into the construction. Furthermore, FlowGrill directly takes the designs into production using sophisticated CAD/CAM links. Digital data are forwarded to the sheet metal processing machines. Aluminium parts can then be milled or processed based on free-hand design.
The digital connection between the 3D CAD system Creo and the production machines minimises any production errors. This allows for any recurring products to be manufactured in a consistent quality.

The engineering department uses 3D CAD software Creo and AutoCad.
The file types the engineering department can use are: Creo compatible files, AutoCad compatible files, IGES, STEP, DWG, DXF and PDF.

Life Raft Launcher


Step One - Amels

Step One - the 55 mtr luxury motoryacht, build by Amels. FlowGrill delivered several custom-made and also standard ventilation louvers.

Nirvana - Oceanco

Nirvana is a 89 mtr luxury motoryacht, build by Oceanco. FlowGrill delivered several ventilation louvers.